4 Fast Food Mascot This If Created As Anime Character Even Look Greater

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Some of these fast food mascots appear to be more handsome and interesting when appearing to be an Anime character. And who has designed and illustrated this fast food mascot to become more alive is a 16-year-old girl who actually lives in the Southern Philippines.

The girl named OzumiiWizard is also a very talented digital artist even though she is still counted as still very young.

Here are some characters designed from Ozumii, ranging from McDonald’s mascot to Wendy.

McDonald’s, a clown has been converted into a very handsome young man’s character. Very different from the usual look you have always seen.

Colonel Sanders looks very different from the real character, this is his role as a strangely macho old man than the real character who shows it like an old grandfather.

Starbuck, also known as the mermaid icon, has been described as very cute with its curly hair and a very beautiful mermaid-like a dress in the ocean.

Wendy is also described as a cute teenage girl who has a childish role. Quite oddly the way he was described by this painter who was very creative in mind.

Look how exciting the imagination of this painter, unexpectedly he was able to convert this mascot into more handsome, beautiful and attractive in the eyes of the audience.

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