4 Things Which You Can Do When You Stopped By At 7 Eleven

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Do you know that 7 Eleven operates for 24 hours 7 days a week is not it? But do you know that there are various other services available in 7 eleven that can help you simplify?

Yes, we do not lie because a variety of exciting services are available at 7 eleven to help your day-to-day deal no matter what time you need. Even now it makes your life even easier and cheerful.

Let’s see if there are interesting services available to help you in your daily business.

1. Paying Bills

Now you can pay 7-eleven branch bills and most bills can now be paid at 7 eleven counters including TM, Astro, Umobile and water bills. It’s very easy not because it does not have to go to many branches to complete your bill.

2. Sending and Taking Goods

Now you can post items and receive items at selected 7 eleven branches. The 7 eleven branch that works with Easy Parcel or Pigeon is now able to send and receive items at your selected 7 eleven branches.

3. Top up value

If you are a pre-paid user for your cell phone, you can add value at 7 eleven branches if you want more convenience. They will provide a receipt that shows the pin number for you to put on your phone for a simple reload process.

4. Eliminate Thirst

You can also stop for a while at any branch of 7 eleven to quench thirst and hunger as well. They now prepare packed rice or noodles for sale to those who have no opportunity to eat and seats for their ease and eating.

See now 7 eleven have become increasingly attractive since new things are being introduced here.

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