5 Causes Why You Always ‘Broke’

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You have certainly learned from experience about shopping for food when empty stomachs are a bad idea. But shopping for your stomach upset is not too helpful too.

This is because when the stomach feels hungry it will cause the takeover system in your mind to react quickly according to the “Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Science” study. It is the same as the reflex action when we want something.

Even what you really want is food, but there is a tendency for you to spend on something that has nothing to do with food. So do not forget to take a little snack before you go to a shopping center or get yourself involved with the internet as it can reduce hunger and avoid spending you on unnecessary things.

Here are some other reasons you are surprised why we always broke.

1. Messy Rooms
Irregular and scattered environments, such as the state of your desk at your office or your home computer room may cause your mind to react and consequently cause you to buy more goods as demonstrated by the study of “Journal Of Consumer Search”.
2. When You’re In Depression
Especially when you are experiencing depression and grief, it is a brain reflex action that makes us spend more than usual than those who are in normal condition. This is found in the “Psychological Science” study. Your self-esteem decreases when you are in a hurry to cause you to spend more so that you appear to be more attractive and valuable.
3. When the Sun Comes Again
The emergence of the sun can spoil your life again and can cause you to spend more than usual according to a study obtained from Canada. Wait a minute! How are both excitement and sadness so much that we spend on? This is because when a person is in a good mood, they will be less concerned about their spending.
4. Buying Alone
Many people sometimes create an emotionally dependent on a store, especially those he always visit. This can cause them to spend more than usual compared to the stores they rarely visit. But the dependency is lost when they shop with friends, and the purchasing power is getting less.
5. Always Surfing Facebook
Cheering with a close friend via Facebook can increase your self-esteem level. Such self-confidence can lead to addiction to shopping more than usual. Studies obtained from the Columbia University show that those who spend most of the time on social sites have a tendency to spend more frequently later on.

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