Best Way To Dump Your Girlfriend In Good Way

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You might have been in love with her for more than just a week or maybe months but that doesn’t guarantee that you will stay with her forever. Unless you both have planned to get married then you must have been destined together.

But what happen if everything about your relationship doesn’t feel right anymore? Then it must be the right time for you to ditch her and start focusing on finding Miss Right for yourself. It is no good dragging her everywhere with you when your heart isn’t with her anymore.

So let’s check out few of the right way for you to end the relationship without hurting her feeling and everyone around her.

Send a letter

At least the best thing you can do at the moment is by sending her an apology and farewell letter, telling her that you have to cancel the relationship and you can go through with the relationship. Give her at least one good reason why do you want to end everything that you have shared together with her.

Meet with her personally

You must have set a meeting with her personally to discuss and tell her your true feeling; it doesn’t feels good keeping the hope up for her when you already decide to end it anyway. Just be honest with her and tell her what is going on because the sooner you tell her, the least she would end up getting hurt.

Give her the last memory to remember

If you decide to end a particular relationship, just don’t be too cruel at least give her a moment that she can cherish and yet she will not hold any grudge over you in the end. Let the last memory from both of you become something that she can remember without any bitter feeling.

See, it is not that hard to dump your girlfriend perfectly and properly without hurting her feeling. At least she will remember you as a better man rather than as a jerk.


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