Five Precious Measures To Accelerate Cell Phone Charging

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Charging a phone or charging the battery can be a boring activity. The reason is, you have to wait about three hours for the phone to be fully charged.

However, do you know there are some simple steps that can be taken to speed up the charging process?

Here are some tips that can be used to shorten the charging time as quoted from the androidpit:

Use the Default Charger

Each phone is usually accompanied by an original battery charging software. It’s good, you always use the original built-in charger. Using a dreaded original charger will damage the battery charging port.

Enable Airplane Mode

The less function of the phone is reduced, the faster the charging process is. By activating the airplane mode, the phone automatically will not be able to find the signal.

Turn off the Phone

By turning off the phone, the charging process will run faster. This happens because the phone does not perform any tasks.

Do Not Use

Preferably, let the phone rest while charging. The more you use the phone during charging, the charging process will take longer.

Disable Feature That Is Not Important

When charging the battery, it’s good to turn off unused features, such as auto-rotate and GPS. Both features are known to consume considerable batteries.

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