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You can plan your wedding date around a season, a location, or a special date. If you are set on a specific venue, make sure that you book it well in advance. Consider the actual budget of the wedding, the availability of the guests, and how much time that you will need in order to properly plan your wedding.

Remember: you and your fiancée are going to celebrate this anniversary for the rest of your lives—thus plan it carefully and pick something special and something that you can cherish for lifetime.

Plan it around your honeymoon, if you plan to take one. If you take your honeymoon in a specific place during a specific season, it may behoove you to pick a wedding date that fits with those plans. If you are going to the coastal area, you probably don’t want to go during the monsoon season, from July to October — so you might as well plan a spring wedding.

Consider the day of the week. Saturday is the most popular day to get married, and consequently it usually one of the most expensive time slots. Depending on the venue, you may need to pay a premium especially to reserve a spot on a Saturday. Many couples choose to marry on off-days: Fridays, Sundays, or even midweek.

Consider the budget. It’s generally going to be more expensive for you to get married in the summer than in any other season. June, August, and September are among the most popular marriage months. Some locations—especially touristy destinations—might even be busier, and thus pricier, during certain times of year.

You can compromise with your fiancée. Talk to your partner in order to find out which season they like best, and compromise from there. The wedding is about the bride and the groom, not just one or the other. Both parties involved need to enjoy the occasion to ensure happy memories for both of you.

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