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Online shopping can be really fun if you happen to grab some of the amazing discounts along the way especially when the items come with a free gift. Sometimes online shopping can be more tempting especially when you can find a lot of varieties that they are offering online. You can have an unlimited choice there because you don’t have to waste your time going to the shop.

But along the way, you need to be careful of the online shopping scam because sometimes, they are offering something that is just too good to be true, just to set a trap to those shopaholics. If however, you happen to see a great deal online, it can be tempting for you to grab it right away — but first, protect your wallet by knowing how to spot some major warning signs.

Too-steep discounts

If you happen to see a deal on an item that seems a little too good to be true, all you need to do is some price comparison shopping before you click “purchase.” Visit some websites of other retailers and see if you can find any similar deals for the same product.

Poor website design and sloppy English

Fashion companies specialize in design — and most of these companies would spend good money on perfecting the design of their site. They’re always going to want to have the best imagery of their products and it’s going to be shiny and fancy just to represent their image in a good way.

A suspect domain name

Most retail websites have simple URLs so If suddenly along the way, you see extra words in the URL like “deals,” “sales” or “super discounts,” as well as other extra characters, there’s a good chance that the website is a scam so you might be in trouble.

The site hasn’t been around for very long

With some exceptions, most of the established brand names and retailers have already been on the Internet for years. If you’re not sure about a site, then try to check the Wayback Machine that is located at an archive of the Internet found at

You can’t pay with a credit or debit card

Beware if the seller is requiring you to pay by money order, bitcoin, cash, wire transfer or a prepaid gift card. Reputable sites will almost always allow you to pay with most secure methods, such as credit cards, debit cards or PayPal.

Shady contact information

If the contact email is given in a yahoo email address, or if there’s simply a form to fill out on the page instead of an address or phone number, watch out. Trusted retailers will typically use their company name or the site’s domain name in their email address.

Unclear refund policy

A trustworthy retailer will at least tell you how and where to return a product you’re unhappy with. Fake websites, on the other hand, will often have refund policies that are usually difficult to understand, hard to find or could be nonexistent.

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