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Everyone love anime, I mean who doesn’t even at the age of 50 people can still relate with the anime n their everyday form of lives. Anime is somewhat funny, giddy and romantic all at the same time. I love anime too and I want to show everyone how much I love them.

Sometimes you like to show everyone how much you are passionate about your hobby such as watching anime and there are many ways you could show off your passion on t to your friends and loved ones without being too flamboyant.

Here are few ways where you could show to your friends and family how much you love your anime characters in more than just one.

  1. Follow the anime fashion trend – but you must know if the costume is actually suitable considering the weather in our country right now. Even if you have your character costume please make sure that the costumes aren’t too overdramatic to be worn at the place you are in.
  2. Join the anime conference that used to be held annually where you can dress up as your favorite anime and join with like-minded people who will share the same interest as yours and exchange interest.
  3. Go to the comic convention and have a chance to meet up with your favorite comic author and get the signature which you can later show off to your friends at school or college that you are one ahead of them.
  4. Order a customized G-Shock watch that is embedded with your favorite character and you can wear it fashionably as you meet your friend or hangout during the party and flaunt off what you have. More information can be seen here – BeliSpree

See there are many other ways that you can try to show off your love to your anime characters and passion to your family and friends. All you need to do is be creative and be yourself and you will be recognized easily.

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