How Vintage Casio Is Being Unboxed?

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we have seen so many unboxing video regarding Casio watches but we haven’t really explored the beauty of unboxing the vintage Casio watches that has become a huge phenomenon these days. But so far we only see the pink one and we haven’t get the chance to witness the other collection. Luckily there is a fan who is kind enough to share with us the experience of unboxing the black gold watch by Casio vintage collection.

The experience of unboxing the vintage Casio watch is reflected by the owner in the video, it seems like he or she has found a paradise in the watch. Finding the watch in the box feels like discovering a treasure from the bottom of the sea. It also happens to be one of my favorite watch of all time and this guy has manage to make others dream come true by showcasing the proper way to treat the watch as you take it out of the box. Credit to PlayNigga

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