Is It True That Left Handed Are Smart People?

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The number of left-handed owners is not much. In the United States, for example, left-handed owners only 10-13.5 percent. But the little ones make them look unique than people who use their right hands to do work like eating and writing. Some research even linked left-handed owners with a more creative tendency. But a recent study in Melbourne finds the fact that left-handed owners may be more intelligent than those who are not left-handed.

This discovery reveals that left-handed owners are superior in solving problems such as in mathematical lessons.
Yes, their more active brain turns out to be a better solution for problem-solving.

While the individual whose right hand is more dominant, it does not mean that his left brain is more active and makes their logic function properly. Researchers also say that those whose right hand is dominant has no prominent advantages. Because each side of the brain has its own advantages, the researchers also urge that individuals use their hands alternately to perform activities so train both the brain to equally superior.

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