It’s a Huge Wave sweeping Election 2018!

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The citizen has spoken that they have it all enough for now. They are looking for a change and they want the government to change to help them create the new Malaysia that will help benefit the citizen and everyone! During the eve of 9th May, you can see there are the ocean of human flooding every school, not wanting to miss the opportunity to vote for their favorite representative.

From three candidates, Barisan Nasional, PAS and Pakatan Harapan, I can see the opportunity is more towards Pakatan after witnessing successful meeting that they held throughout the country. In fact, their manifesto is quite enlightening and bring more opportunity to citizens in Malaysia. Although people are expecting challenges and chaos during the election day, everything going on pretty smooth and fine.

During the night when the government is announced, the whole country rejoices with the result. We finally manage to change the current government and Tun Mahathir is announced all-around Winner leading the Pakatan Harapan for PRU17. This is the moment that everyone would be looking forward to years we have been hoping for a new hope for our country. Nothing can stop the country now from moving forward!

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