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A knowingly overstuffed Marvel mashup turns out to be bedazzling fun, despite the fact that these many superheroes mean they’re all less special. Who says you can stuff all superheroes under one roof because that would make each of them a lot less extraordinary compared to the time when they are stand alone. I despise the chance that they have to include all these superheroes together because that is not the way how they work.

It feels like a movie that the American Entertainment State had to get out of its system. And the whole Marvel Universe throwing a costume party, which might be sounded like something that we should get excited about but sorry it doesn’t work this time. It is a mega movie but with too many characters they are slowly losing focus on them. This happens because each is struggling for their own screen time.

So is the movie a jumbled, top-heavy mess of cynical franchise overkill? The story seems to be jumbled up and I started to get confused and losing my focus on them because Captain America is always my favorite. Looks like the plot is getting out of control and too much chaotic. We begin to forget what made each of the character specials.

“Avengers: Infinity War” can make it feel like you’re at a birthday party where you suddenly get so many presents that you slowly will start to grow tired of opening them. But taken on its own piñata-of-fun terms, it’s sharp, fast-moving, and elegantly staged. It also has what makes any superhero movie worth its salt requires: a sense that there’s something at stake.

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