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Donald Trump has been in office for almost a hundred days as President of the United States. During that time, the personality of Melania Trump is still a puzzle.

Instead of time refusing her husband’s hand by removing it, and putting on a potent sour face, making the society wonder what Melania thinks? Is he happy or not to be the United States Headquarters?

A few answers may be available through Melania Trump’s handwriting result. A graphologist master, Sheila Kurtz has analyzed an example of Melania’s handwriting from the record he left at a children’s hospital in Italy, before.

The message Melania wrote on his visit to Pediatric Hospital Bambin Gesu in Italy, Wednesday, reads, “It’s a pleasure to visit you! Stay strong & positive! Lots of love, Melania Trump. “The message is accompanied by pictures of flowers and hearts.

Want to know about Melania’s personality through her handwritten example?
“There’s a bit of a lasting link at the end of every word, which shows persistence, he sticks to whatever he’s got,” Sheila told Dailymail.

Furthermore, Sheila said this same link shows how Melania likes to collect and own material goods and not material.

Sheila also shows some of the terrible similarities between Melania’s signature and her husband. He said the verticality shown by Melania Trump was similar to her husband, though his property was tighter, narrow and lacked in the spirit of generosity. Ugh!

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