Review: Nobody Wants to See Your Vacation Photos On Facebook!

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For those of you who like to travel and show pictures on social media, perhaps the results of this study are very disappointing. Better, save your vacation photos from Facebook.

Of course, you may have also posted about this on your own social media as well? Even the admin is also no exception.

Make it possible that these photos are a good moment to share with the closest person and friends. But not for most of your Facebook friends.


In fact, 73 percent said they were hurt and sad when they saw others on vacation and featured online, according to Aviva, who did the research.

According to this study, the most unpopular pose among FB fans is photographing your footprints on the beach.

The study found that 77 percent of people have always posted their vacations on social media.

One in five people does it to showcase where they are and one in ten posts will make others feel jealous.

“A holiday for many people is time to move and relax from stress. But it seems like that does not apply to social media, “said Director of Aviva, Adam Beckett.

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