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Viral Limited Edition Casio B640WC-5A is one of the models that has become a battle for young people now. Why many choose the Casio B640WC-5A Watch because of its specially designed colors featuring the colors of Rose Gold, Silver, and Black Limited.

As we know this Casio watch is like an iPhone 6s that has its own features. For Men’s watches are jewelry or fashion items to suit the color of clothing. While women watch a watch complement their appearance as well as jewelry.

If you are interested in making a purchase you will need to make a reservation in advance, because the Limited Edition Casio B640WC-5A Viral Watch Stock is increasingly in demand by the younger generation. If interested can be checked online at BeliSpree, one of the original Casio distributors.

The original stock should be expensive and quality, if the made in Japan price can go up to RM600 one. But we sell from the same factory cume made in China only. Price rm399 is ready for postage worldwide. Do not be late then regret it because you can not watch Viral Limited Edition Casio B640WC-5A this

  1. Viral Watch Features Limited Edition Casio B640WC-5A:
    The first feature is the 1/100-second stopwatch
    The second feature has a 50-meter water resistance
    The third feature is the Popular retro design
    The fourth feature is LED Backlight

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