What Is So Special About The CASIO Vintage Collection B640WC-5AVT Watch?

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Come to talk about this outrageously popular watch from Casio watch line, we just get to know that this watch just suddenly become so popular and yes, I do find it pretty weird because it just started trending just a few months back. I find the color looks stunning and enchanting, maybe because sometimes it appeared as gold. Most women are crazy about this watch yet I think there are few celebrities wearing this watch, I guess.

Straight from the Casio Vintage Collection, now have just come a timepiece that will never go out of style. The B640WC-5AVT combines the style with certain features Casio is known for such as an EL backlight and a 1/100th-second stopwatch. This timepiece is recognized as the perfect complement to any outfit. The best feature about this watch is the water resistance that made it suitable for extreme sports. Other than they have the LED backlight Afterglow to make the watch even more attractive.

The watch is completed with multi-function alarm that you might find it easier to wake you up during the morning or during the time that you would need it. For those who are up to the extreme challenge, the 1/100 second digital stopwatch is built in to help you count the time if you are holding any contest or countdown. Another exciting feature that you shouldn’t miss is the flash alert and the hourly time signal.

Other exceptional features that you should not look away from are the full auto-calendar with accuracy: +/-30 seconds per month, battery CR2016 with approx. battery life that extends to 3 years. People loved the color of rose quartz or better known as rose wine because it made the item looks majestic and expensive all at the same time. Everybody is obsessed with the color because it made them appear more elegant with that sort of color.

This item may be suitable as a gift for your wife during your wedding anniversary or her annual birthday celebration, for your mother’s birthday or for your daughters’ birthday because the color is inevitable being every woman’s favorite. To buy this Casio rosegold viral, you guys can buy from BeliSpree

This viral rosegold watch from Casio is still largely popular amongst not only the Malaysian crowd but the Thais too. In Malaysia they usually refer it as jam Casio rosegold viral and a good place to check out this watch would be at Belispree. You can find their shop details and address here :
www.belispree.com or visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/belispree
So, dropped by Belispree the other day and they seem to be selling this at a cheaper price compared to other retails and they are located in Klang Bukit Tinggi area.

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