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The phenomenon of Casio G-Shock watches has never faded since it was first introduced in 1983 so there is a distinctive collection of fans. The idea of G-Shock watches came in since 1981 because the watch was then classified as a jewelry that was easily damaged even more when it fell.

Thus, a study was conducted by a famous watch manufacturer Casio, Kikuo Ibe to produce durable and durable watches. After the study and development, the first G-Shock model released is the black digital DW-5000C.

Among the features set in the watch are the 10-year battery life, up to 10 bar waterproof and not damaged if it falls on a hard surface from a height of 10 meters. To produce such immune products, 200 prototype watches were dropped from the roof or the building window on the third floor.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Casio G-Shock watch continues to be an option especially for youths who love to do extreme sports. Since then, G-Shock now has its own fans. Even in Malaysia there are many fans of the brand’s watches and have over 100 personal collections.

That’s why the idea was to organize the ‘Malaysia G-Shock Megafest’ (MGM) festival to showcase a unique and exciting G-Shock watch. Its founder, Mohammad Haji Abdul Aziz, said that the majority of the G-Shock watches exhibited near MGM at 1M4U Sentral, Puchong is not available in Malaysia.

“Of the 10, five or six Malaysians must wear Casio G-Shock watches. Not only durable, it’s even worth the price and not too expensive to own. “In this exhibition, 1,005 wristwatches are on display and expected tomorrow will go even more for G-Shock fans. “There are different types of vintage to product collaboration with celebrities and movies.

“The event was first held to collect G-Shock types sold worldwide and is expected to be recorded in the Malaysia Book of Record as the largest clock show.

“In the meantime, it will definitely generate a sentimental value to the brand that has become a phenomenon since long ago,” he said during the launch of MGM. Get some of the best G-shock watches right here at BeliSpree!

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